Linhay Hill Quarry at Ashburton is a limestone quarry which for over 50 years has supplied a range of essential materials – like aggregates, ready mix concretes, asphalt, blocks, paving, sand and lime – for new roads and highways maintenance, building construction and agricultural use across Devon.

This quarry is economically viable as it currently stands for up to 10 years from the end of 2015.

We need to extend the quarry so that the life of Linhay Hill Quarry, the economic benefits and jobs it creates can be secured for the future. This extension is not about increasing productivity or profit for Glendinning. It is about maintaining our current business activity which employs 240 people directly, sustains an estimated 180 further jobs in the wider economy and contributes £6 million a year to the Devon and Dartmoor local economy from the procurement of goods and services.

A planning application has been submitted to Dartmoor National Park Authority to extend the quarry north eastwards where there are limestone deposits under the land we own at Alston.

This website was launched in September 2015 to provide information about the proposals, and was updated in March 2016, when the proposals were revised. It has now been updated again to provide information about the submitted application which incorporates significant changes and improvements following extensive public consultation.

See What Happens Next? for a description of how the Dartmoor National Park Authority will deal with the planning application and a link to the Authority’s website, which will track progress.